April 26th, 2004

Keep Walking


This website, MOBOG.COM, is the wave of the future... Folks with those new-fangled camera-phones snap pictures and as instructed on the website: "Send pics directly from your camera-phone to pics@mobog.com. Call 212-924-2022 to record your voice."

The result? All sorts of photos, commentary and dialog about the photos people sent in... Sometimes artistic, sometimes pornography, but most of the time it's either unknowing female's rear-ends at the grocery store or curiosities...

Camera phones are yet another example of the new technology that is changing the landscape of what is considered socially acceptable. Since these phones are somewhat stealth, folks have been taking photos of all sorts of things (up women's skirts for example, or at the urinals in the washroom) without thinking of the consequences.

Between camera phones, the internet, MP3s, short messaging and instant messaging, we are really pushing that envelope into some uncharted waters!

Well, tomorrow is the day I should be taking delivery on my new motorcycle! Of course, the forecast is rain. :-(
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