April 14th, 2004

Keep Walking

Just general sillyness today...

What kind of sick and twisted mind THINKS of these things? Click to see "The Prime Number Shitting Bear."

Since you're so bored that you're actually reading my blog, check out these funny commercials:

A must see! No candy for this kid!

Colourbond (a roofing tile company)
Bridgestone Tyres
In a pinch, a condom will work!

Quote of the day (from the Onion): `"The gay lifestyle is for me," said James Miller, an Oklahoma City father of four who recently moved to Provincetown, MA, to pursue a career in bath-house management. "When I was a family man, I constantly had to worry about things like taking the kids to Little League practice, paying for their braces, and remembering my wife's birthday. But now that I'm gay, I'm finally free to focus all my energy on having non-stop, mind-blowing anal sex.'

And very likely, one sign of the apocalypse: Antarctica is finally paved!
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