March 2nd, 2004

Keep Walking

Spring is around the corner!!

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Sorry I've been lax with my blog the past few weeks -- I've been very busy! I've been working very hard to spread the word about "gay marriage", travelled to Hartford, CT for ICCT coronation, was oncall for a rugged week, overloaded with work, and then out to Mallory Dock & Duval Street Station in Hyannis, MA for a fundraiser... It was really important to me to see Mallory Dock at least once in my life, as my third lover, Val Spacco (puppy) used to spin there from time to time -- he lived nearby in East Wareham, MA. I never visited Massachusetts when we were together. :-(

This week we have seen the change in the weather -- feels and looks like spring!! Today it was 66F (a new record!) I am NOT bringing my motorcycle out of storage just yet though!! I know that would bring another four weeks of snow!

I am heading to New York City on Thursday to attend funeral services for a close friend's mother who unexpectedly passed away last week. I will return on Sunday.

On a happy note, "Dairy Freeze" opened today!! That's a sure sign that spring is around the corner!! I cheated on my diet in celebration and had an Artic Swirl (chocolate soft-serve ice cream with butterfinger pieces) and a cheeseburger!

What I've been listening to lately: Collective Soul, Negativland, and the Soundtrack to Romeo & Juliet.

The photo on the left is 1/2 of the Dairy Freeze sign in Quincy, MA by Robert Jones. See more art by him when you check out his BIO here:

Watch the sunset from Mars!