February 15th, 2004

Keep Walking

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

It's my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I moved to Boston on Saturday, February 15th, 2003. I departed Rochester around 1pm with my friend Kelly Liese. We drove the 389.8 mile trip (door to door) in about seven hours. We arrived and unpacked. It was unusually cold, a chilly -9F. My first home was a two bedroom apartment on the corner of Mass Ave and Tremont Street. 492 Mass Ave #62. Below is the view from my living room window, aiming directly south. More apartment photos can be seen at my Snapfish photo album in the 492 Mass Ave folder.

I shared the apartment with two Northeastern University students: Matt Spano and Jen Molnar (from New Jersey) and a cat named Britton. Both of my roommates were young (20 and 21) and were quite busy with school and work and didn't have much time to clean. It was a difficult six months, I always felt like I was their maid. In the last two months living there, I was already looking for a new place to move to. My biggest problems were: 1) The cost of living in the South End [for what you got], 2) Driving to/from work [traffic sucked!!], and 3) Parking for my car and motorcycle. On the good side, on March 31st, 2003 I formed The Boston Bears, a new bear club for the Boston Area.

I was very lucky to have found a great roommate and a great condo in Quincy, just seven miles south of where I was living! The new place was also only five miles from work and had lots of parking! The rent is reasonable also! I'm sorry, but for over $2,000/mo I expect at least off-road, covered parking... After all, it was the South End, not Beacon Hill!!

A look back...

Of course, this also means that it's the one-year anniversary of moving out of the home I sharred with my ex-boyfiend, Johnny Ipacs. I find it amazing that there is not a day that has gone by that I have not thought about him and our relationship, and what I could have possibly done to prevent our breakup. I guess that's proof positive that I truely loved him. I never thought I would live without him. Sometimes I expect to simply wake up and discover that it's all been a bad dream and that we're still together and everything's fine. No drugs, no health problems, no money problems, no bullshit... Just as I remember him in this photograph (left) from our trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Oh well... I guess not. I suppose I can take some comfort that some small part of him (the original Johnny) will live on within my heart as long as I live. The "Evil Johnny" that replaced "the Original Johnny" in 2000 is still living with his former "ex" Dale in our home in Rochester. Although I loved music prior to meeting Johnny, he managed to nurture it into something that has effected my everyday life. I've also grown a deep respect for recreational drugs, considering what they did to his personality.

A look forward...

I have adapted to the Boston area rather well in the past year, even more so to the Quincy area. I have a lot more vacation time as well as spending money, which is allowing me to travel like I've never travelled before... In the past 12 months I've been to Houston, Vermont, Chicago, Saint Maarten (N.A.), New Hampshire, Portland (Maine), Rhode Island, Provincetown, New York City, Toronto, Buffalo, Las Vegas, Rochester, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and many other places!!

In the upcoming 12 months, I have many more places to visit, including a five-state, week-long motorcycle trip with my friends from ECMC (Empire City Motorcycle Club), another trip to Chicago with Bobo Foley to visit Steve Cossette and to attend IML (I will be a volunteer once again this year!) -- MAYBE even Denver, Colorado for the Rocky Mountaineers Run (Golden Fleece Run 30)! Although there is much saddness because I've left Rochester and all my friends there, there is hope for my future here in Boston... or who knows? I might be back in August when my 18 months are up... Only time will tell.

I've also had some interesting situations in the past 12 months, such as: Needing four battery re-charges to return home from the Rams' Run on my motorcycle (I had to do a similar thing July 4th weekend, returning from Al Rizzo's with my Car!!), and of course, getting lost everytime I headed into Cambridge, Quincy or Southie (I'm still working on some of them!), the amazing 365 day-a-year apartment christmas light fiasco, and who could forget the exploding motorcycle incident at the gas station?? (Don't know what I'm talking about? Re-read my blog via the archives on the left!) I'm sure that there are many more adventures awaiting me this year also! I just hope they won't be as expensive!

Oh, in case you are wondering, the 1st anniversary of my blog will be Monday, March 03, 2004 at 10:50 AM! Thanks for reading along with me through this experience! Thanks even more to those that have sent e-mails, letters and phone calls that actually know "what's new" with me ahead of time! It really makes me feel closer to you all!