January 29th, 2004

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The Houston Post

Some folks have requested access to my other Snapfish photo albums... So be it... Here is a link to all of them. Enjoy! Remember: Some of these photos are not suitable for children or the workplace! You have been warned!

The Houston Post!

Houston was a blast!! Derek and I arrived at Bush International Airport on Sunday the 18th. Our hosts for the weekend, Paul and David, pictured below, met us in full leather at the airport and assisted us with what seemed to be tons of baggage! We were promptly whisked from the Airport to someone's apartment near the "gay ghetto" so we could change for our first benefit to be held at "Club BRB" (Brazos River Bottom) A GLB country bar. The benefit was for Montrose Clinic to benefit their clients that needed medicine that was not covered by their insurance nor "A.D.A.P." plan. The first set of photos in my "Houston" Snapfish album feature the members of The Montrose Clinic, who were performing in DRAG in order to raise; although they are NOT drag queens (what, you couldn't tell??) ;-) [Some of the volunteers/employees of the Montrose Clinic are in the photo above on the right.]

Derek and I stayed in South Houston just off NASA Road #1 (SEE MAP.) Our hosts live in a house that was formerly an astronaut's!! Pretty cool, eh? It was about 25 miles south of downtown Houston, and about 30 miles north of Galveston, Texas.

On Monday, January 19th we went to Galveston. Which, although very touristy, was a nice place to visit! They were gearing up for their Mardi Gras celebration. It was a nice afternoon, we shopped, had a nice lunch at a seafood restaurant! I picked up a new leather cowboy hat, which became attached to me for almost the entire trip to Texas! It's a great hat, I will wear it often!

On Tuesday, Derek and I picked up our rental car at the airport, and we headed out to go shopping again! Derek couldn't wait to go to the wig store; and picked up two new wigs -- one is blonde, the other, a tall, red, barrel-curled one! There are photos in my Snapfish "Houston" album of Derek (as Corvette) in her new wig! (Look for the photos with the yellow plastic dress.) I also took Derek to "Jack in the Box" for the first time ever, and introduced him to the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger (YUM!!)

FYI: Jack in the Box Ultimate Bacon Double Cheeseburger: Eat this whole baby and you'll ingest 1,020 calories, 71 g fat (26 g of those the evil saturated kind), 210 mg cholesterol, 1,740 mg sodium. This sandwich alone exceeds some U.S.R.D.A. DAILY standards! Now supersize those fries too!!

Tuesday night, Derek and I headed out and went bar-hopping in the gay ghetto. We visited about six bars, and stayed out until last call (2am.) We didn't get home until about 3am. On Wednesday, we spent nearly the whole day at the Houston Zoo. There were a lot of animals there, in good environments, all within a small space. I was very impressed. We stayed until about 5:00pm. We wanted to see the Holocaust Museum of Houston as well, but they closed at 5... :-( Maybe next time.

On Thursday, we both spent the whole day at Johnson Space Centre (NASA) there are a LOT of photos of this in my Snapfish Photo Album. That evening, for dinner, we went to the Crazy Cajun! That evening was the "in-town show" that evening at Metro. This is the show that the local court (The Royal Sovereign, and Imperial Court of the Single Star of Houston, Inc.) performs. Following the show, we went to Cousin's, "O" and the "611" bars, our last stop was at "Brick's" -- where I played country music until Derek turned pale-green. ;-)

The next three days were to revolve around the Sheraton Houston, host hotel for Coronation XX. Some photos of this event are in my Snapfish Album. The bus tour was a BLAST! Everyone got lit and let their hair down -- which can be a bad thing for a drag queen! -- Gossip alert: an unnamed member of ICMA (not me!) had issues with their liquor consumption and got sick on the one of the busses.

Friday, January 23: Out-of-Town Show/Bus Tour

We invite those visiting from other realms to show off your abilities on this special evening. Due to time constraints line-up will be limited to Reigning Monarchs, Past Monarchs, and other Representatives in that order, as time allows. Music will be accepted 1 hour before show time. Sheraton Suites Hotel, 7:00 to 9:00 pm. And then, Clubs of Houston Bus Tour. Join our Candidates for Emperor and Empress as they show you the Bars that continually support our organization. This is true Texas Hospitality as only Houston can do it! Buses will depart the Hotel no later than 9:30 p.m. There will be one bus available to return to the hotel at 1:00 a.m., the remaining bus will return to the hotel after 2:00 a.m. Valid 21 and over I.D. is required in all Houston Clubs. Cost is $15.00 for the Show and Tour.

Saturday, January 24: Coronation XX

"a Knight In Sinderfella's Kajun Kastle! The Fais Do, Do, Done Done. Laissez Les Bon Temps Router (The party's over, let the good time roll)". A evening where Disney meets Mardi Gras. This is what we've been working for all year long! In-Town groups, visiting Realms, and Beneficiaries are invited to make presentations. We ask that presentations contain a minimum of five people and be no more than five minutes in length. Presentation music will be accepted with Protocol in Hospitality. Sheraton Suites Hotel, Doors at 6:00 p.m., Coronation begins at 7:00 p.m. Door charge is $30.00.

Will be selling raffle tickets $1.00 or 6 for $5.00, raffling off separately a man and women's white gold, white face, roman numerals, black leather band. Suggested retail for these watches is $500.00. So don't forget to ask about getting your chance to win while you are at Hospitality (donated by I. W. Marks.)

Sunday, January 25: "Fat Tuesday Brunch

Join us for the recovery brunch and presentation of awards by Emperor and Empress XIX, Ronnie Siebert and SoFonda St. John. Sheraton Suites Hotel, Doors at 11:00 a.m. Door charge is $25.00. Will be giving away a 19" TV and DVD player. Automatically entered when you buy your Brunch ticket.

Sunday evening, Derek and I flew home from a 73F day to a 10F evening... Brrrrrrrrr..... We got the "royal treatment" on U.S. Airways from Charlotte, NC to Boston, MA. We had to wait an additional 70 minutes on the ground in Charlotte for de-icing; and since the plane was so empty, the flight attendants provided free alcoholic beverages all the way to the de-icing pad, and then on the way home! :-) *hic!*

It was back to work this week, and honestly, this is the first chance I've had to write this all down!! There are more events coming up as well; such as Connecticut (The Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut, Inc.?)'s Coronation (February 13/14/15, 2004) and IML (International Mister Leather) in May!

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