January 15th, 2004

Keep Walking

Starving Artists

Please help this struggling band win their download contest.

Click Here and download -- also -- Click here and download



> The Kieran Ridge Band is involved in a contest with an
> organization called Music For America. It's a
> grassroots political organization that works to raise
> political awareness and convince people, especially
> young people, to vote.
> They're organizing a series of concerts around the
> country the week of the Super Tuesday primaries (the
> week of March 2nd.) The band from Boston with the most
> downloads off of their website will be flown in to be
> a part of their showcase concert in front of an
> estimated 5000 people.
> So please go to musicforamerica.org and click on
> music. Scroll down the list, we have two songs on the
> site right now. I think the following address will
> take you right to our page.
> http://www.musicforamerica.org/node/view/516
> you'll see the word "downloads" under my picture and
> the band bio.
> Please download both songs, "Lonesome Traveler" and
> "Laborer's Blues."And please get as many of your friends
> and family to help out as well because this is a very
> big opportunity for us.
> Thank you for all your help and support.
> See you soon,
> Kieran