January 9th, 2004

Keep Walking

The Spirit of Boston / Fetish Fair Show!

The weekend is here; I'm spending Friday night at home to ensure my cold will remain at bay. Tomorrow is the Starwood/IBM holiday party on The Spirit of Boston from 8pm - 10pm. Then it's on to the Fetish Fair & Fleamarket at Boston Plaza Hotel for a few hours...

Sunday or Monday I might go to the movies. I want to ensure that I don't overdo it, as I will be going to Houston, Texas from January 18th thru January 25th for vacation/touring as well as The Royal Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Single Star of Houston's Coronation #20 which should be a good time... I'm going with Diva Corvette (Derek) who is the former Empress (Empress II) of The Imperial Court of Massachusetts. So, one more week of work; then it's off to Lone Star State!!