December 22nd, 2003

Keep Walking

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On Monday, December 15th I had an uneventful flight to Atlanta for the annual disaster recovery test. We all pretty much stayed at the hotel and went to bed early to prepare for what normally takes up to 24 hours of recovery time.

On the 16th, after going in the wrong direction to Sungard (twice) -- and we were only 2 miles from the site!! We arrived at the Sungard Diaster Recovery site. Ken and I began to work on restoring the VMS environment right away. We were quite shocked when it only took 7 1/2 hours! We headed back to the hotel to hang out at the hotel bar for free drinks! ;-)

Later that night, we headed to the Atlanta Eagle -- Atlanta's most notorious leater/bear bar. We got there at about 8:30. They had just opened for the night. We ordered a pizza from a local place and had a few beers and checked the place out. As we were expected to at the DR site at 8am the following morning, we could not stay very long -- we left around 10pm. Last call is 4am in Atlanta, therefore, it was never really "busy" while we were there, nice place though!!

Wednesday morning, our greatest fears came true... The idiots that were testing the recovered servers (the applications team) didn't have a very good plan for their end of the DR. That means that although the servers are restored, they are essentially useless, as the applications don't function properly... All looked bleak. We worked from 8am to 10:30pm, finially getting a successful test after much tweaking. What a pain in the ass... Everyone was just plumb tuckered out at 10:30pm, although we didn't do much physiciallty, the mental stress took it's toll. We all went back to the hotel and crashed.

On the good side, as with all of our DRs, Tony is super cool and provides us a ton of support, not to mention that he treats us to almost all of our meals!! Thanks Tony!!!

On Thursday, we go up, ate our breakfast and headed to the airport... The Atlanta airport is a strange beast.... it seems to work though. An undergroud automated subway system (tram) connecting all six terminals wisks you to your terminal; provided that the ONE, SINGLE security point for the entire airport's huge line allows you to get through it before your plane leaves!!

Friday was a serious work catch-up day -- afterwards, I picked up my new tux! It's so cool to have my very own tux! It looks great too! My buddy Chris from Quincy e-mailed me earlier, and we were to meet at the Boston Bears' Happy Hour at The Alley. Three beers and two hours later, I was on my way home to change for goth/industrial night at Manray! Tonght I was going to pull out the stops and go in full goth makeup. It didn't go as well as planned, as I did not allocate enough time to do it right. It was okay, but not fantastic. I had a great time at Manray!! I don't dance much, except for at this club -- Derek and I had a blast!

Saturday I was feeling a little bit wiped (again) -- so I rested all day... I did not make it to Boston Bears' Barnight. :-(

Sunday I did a little but of last-minute shopping (not that I needed to... it's kinda cool to watch everyone else out there at the malls panicing!) I guess that's the sadistic side of me! Derek and I shopped in a mall in Cambridge and in Braintree's (Shoth Shore Plaza.) We had dinner and then went to Jacque's Nightclub for an Imperial Court fund-raiser.

Today was all about work, and preperation for traveling to Rochester/Los Vegas. Tomorrow I pack, hit the Ramrod Tuesday evening, and then on Wednesday morning, leave for Rochester on US Airways...

On Saturday, December 27th at 10:00pm, I'm planning on meeting up with folks at the Bachelour Forum (670 University Avenue at Atlantic Ave.) Feel free to meet up with me there! On Sunday, I want to meet up with June Wass and Walt Dyer in Bergin.

On Monday, December 29th I will be leaving Rochester, and flying to Las Vegas to hang out with John Wass, and celebrate new year in Las Vegas! It should be interesting! On January 3rd/4th I will return on a red-eye flight back to Boston, just in time to put on my tux and attend The Imperial Court of Massachusetts: Investitures I, Saturday, January 4th, 2004 at Machine (basement of The Ramrod) - 1256 Boylston Ave. If you're local, please attend!!

Oh, yeah -- I almost forgot: The new version (0.7) of Mozilla Firebird is out! Be sure to download it!!