December 11th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Christmas is coming, and I'm not done with my shopping yet!!! I hate this kind of pressure!! This weekend I will complete my shopping at some point... I have to, as I will be in Atlanta Monday thru Thursday next week!! Does anyone have sugestions on where I should go in Atlanta on my personal time? Drop me an email.

I just saw on CNN that there were all kinds of raids on Rochester, NY businesses with ties to Al Queda? Wow.... Look at this declassified, translated Al Queda Training Manual if you want to lie awake at night for a few weeks... enjoy life while you still can.

Tonight I should be going to Jacques' ( New England's best bar for female impersonation entertainment), my friend Derek (Diva Corvette) is performing tonight, that is provided the rain that's been falling all day does not freeze into ice on the roads...

And speaking of female impersonation...

Today's song: David Gray - Babylon . . . . . listen / lyrics