December 1st, 2003

Keep Walking

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Today, December 1st is World AIDS Day

On Tuesday, November 25th, I attended the Boston Living Center's Thanksgiving Dinner at the Hynes Convention Center. It was a nice gathering, good food, but I was disapointed with the turnout. There were too many volunteers and not enough guests (many tables were empty this year.) Last year over 1,800 people with HIV/AIDS attended and there were 500 volunteers. The mayor of Boston was there, as well as many other celebrities and famous persons. The Boston Red Sox were there last year, and were expected again; but team players did not show up; only representation of the owners... Bummer.

Wednesday turned out to be a day of rest, following work. I'm still fighting off this cold somewhat.

November 27th (Thanksgiving Day) I was invited to attend Thanksgiving with the Imperial Court of Massachusetts. It was a nice gathering of friendly folks. Later that evening, Derek and I went to the Ramrod for Karaoke night. I had a good time, but the bartender was pouring heavy and after three drinks, I was a mess!

Friday, the Imperial Court (ICMA) was invited to attend the fetish night at the Manray Nightclub in Cambridge. When arriving, I found out that it was really a industrial/goth night. Now, anyone that knows me knows that most of the time when I'm out & about (even shopping) I'm dressed in 100% black clothing. Since it was a fetish night, I wore my black leather 501s, combat boots, muir cap and my Pansy Division shirt (which is a dark pink/red t-shirt with big black logo on it - very punk looking) -- the doorkeep wouldn't let me in with the t-shirt! I had to cough up $20 for a black t-shirt from them in order to enter. I was quite surprised at this!! Well, it turned out that it was worth the $20!! I LOVED THIS CLUB!!! Real industrial and goth music in the back bar, house/trance in the front bar! I danced my butt off 'till 1:30!! Next time I go; I'm going in full goth gear!!! (And for those of you that are saying that I'm living in the past: Screw you!! There is NEW music in addition to the classic music, and the age range goes from 18 to 50!!) Manray is very much like Bovine Sex Club and Savage Garden in Toronto. I loved it!!!

Saturday the 29th I slept in late, as I would be going to work at 10:00pm and working overnight.... I woke up at 9pm, went into work and got out at 9:00am the following Sunday morning... *YAWN!!!*

Sunday the 30th, I slept (following work) and got up at 2:30pm to hook up with Derek. We went to Chinatown for some Vietnamese woup (Pho) at Pho Hoa Restaurant -- damn, this place rocked! For a chain, I was very impressed. Low prices and healthy, fresh foods!! Following dinner, we went to the Theatre to watch Gothika, one of three movies we were choosing (Timeline and The Missing were the runners up), wow!! another good choice -- the movie was an edge-of-your-seat thriller/suspense/mystery. It was great!!! I'm surprised the critics only gave it an average rating of "C-" -- it was a "B+" in my book!!

Tonight I will be attending the ICMA meeting, and then going to sleep ASAP. I woke up at 4am this morning. I decided to stay awake, rather then rolling over and going back to sleep, which would have resulted in me sleeping in 'till 10am!! I know myself too well.... I'm also preping for my trip to New York City this coming weekend...