November 15th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Well, I mustered up enough strength to go to a concert!! Pansy Division played live at Middle East Club in Cambridge, Mass.

There were two opening bands, including les sans Culottes, a band that is mostly French-speaking (out of New York City!) -- their rendition of "These Boots Were Made for Walking" in French was quite amusing!! Check out PHOTOS of les sans Culottes!!

Pansy Division is best known for their live show, which features, among other things, tight, slick sounds and a penis-shaped guitar. While it is easy to take them at face value with release titles such as "Nine Inch Males" and "For Those About To Suck," there's quite a bit more going on than niche shock rock. Pansy Division represents an emerging genre of gay-proud and pissed off artists - an invigorating dose to punk, which is such a stereotypically homophobic genre.

Read this interview with Jon Ginoli, founder of Pansy Division about their previous release "Absurd Pop Song Romance." Or read their biography on and learn a little about them... Chris Freeman, a lead singer of Pansy Division, announced that one of the songs, Spiral, on their new CD, Total Entertainment, was written expressly for his ex-lover with a serious drug problem... The song immediately grew on me (for obvious reasons!!) CLICK HERE TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD SPIRAL.