November 13th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Portland was cool! No, really, it was about 32'F Friday night!! The chill I got taking the bike from Vermont back to Boston the prior Sunday seemed to be turning into a cold... All guests were checked into the hotel by about 6pm. The host club offered a shuttle service between downtown locations and the hotel. It worked very well! I took the shuttle and went to Blackstone's Bar (one of the sponsoring businesses) The hotel was located on Rt. 25 (follow the arrow on the map "to Westbrook") and that's where we were. Downtown Portland is that little peninsula/blob center right on the map.

Yeah, right about there:


Friday night I went to bed early (to try and avoid letting this turn into a cold); on Saturday, we took a three hour Casco Bay Harbor Cruise, and had lunch on the ship. The bost was completely enclosed and heated, so it was very enjoyable. When we docked, many went out shopping -- I went to the hotel to rest some more... I woke up just before the formal dinner (which was very good!) I went to Blackstones again (for one beer) and then went back to the hotel to sleep some more. It didn't help much, by Sunday morning, I was starting to feel worse.

I left Portland right after breakfast and only made a single two-hour stop on the way home -- in Boston to see The Matrix - Revolutions. Although I heard the critics panned it, I just had to see it anyway... I got home at 6:00pm and went right to bed. I slept 12 hours, and still felt bad. I called in sick (worked from home) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I saw the doctors on Monday, and they tested for strep. It's just your normal cold/flu and there's nothing that can be done other than drinking lots of fluids and resting...

I was back into work today, but I'm still somewhat confused/dizzy from the constant low-grade fever... I hope this goes away soon!!