November 6th, 2003

Keep Walking

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I was reading a new cartoon today, and found this one. It was just too funny not to share! This is exactly something I would have done to my poor brother when we were kids...


Tonight I'm going to see what's sure to become the blockbuster hit "Die, Mommie, Die!" -- written by Charles Busch, the writer of the film "Psycho Beach Party"


Friday I'm heading to Portland Maine (never been to Portland before) for the Harbor Masters of Maine annual run: "Sail Away - 2003", featuring such events as: The Welcome Buffet, After Hours Activities, Eye-Openers with Titans MC, Casco Bay Harbor Cruise, their Annual Auction, an Anniversary Banquet and more!

Other Shite

Looks like Thanksgiving ain't going to happen for me this year -- Starwood wants to make electrical changes onsite between Thanksgiving and the Sunday thereafter; so I won't make it home to the Rams' "Rape & Pillage" party... Oh well, maybe next year.... I have decided to burn off the remaining vacation time I have between Christmas and New Years day; I have not decided where I will go nor what I will do...

Keep Walking

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Some folks have been asking me what I want for Christmas... I decided to start a wish list on after all, it is the 21st century, right? Since I've lost all of my Calvin & Hobbes comic books (whimper) in one of my moves, I've put them all in my wish list on Amazon! Used or new makes no difference to me!!

If you're someone I typicially exchange gifts with, please send me an e-mail with your list also!!

Ho Ho Ho.... If you've got $21,000.00 to blow on little ole me, I'm also looking at a 2004 Toyota Prius as a new vehicle, or if that's too practical, you could always get me the Zenith P50W26B 50" Plasma Flat-Panel HDTV TV for $9,000.00.... or a Yamaha Road Star (Midnight Edition) for $14,000.00 :-) [Last I heard, Santa does NOT make them...]