November 2nd, 2003

Keep Walking

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Photos from Mates Leather Weekend are available to view online now! This is the event I went to October 3, 4 and 5th, 2003.

This past Halloween weekend, I went to Salt Ash Inn (Bed & Breakfast) for a Bear Party! I took Friday, the 31st off from work for an early start -- it was a beautiful day, so I checked the forecast for any signs of rain, and took the motorcycle!! I nice 160 mile trip would be nice before putting the bike into hibernation for the winter!

I've never been to Vermont before, ever. I've been to all the states and providences around it, but never have I actually entered Vermont! How very cool! I have now been to ALL the New England States! I took I-93 up to Concord, NH and then took I-89 to Lebanon, NH, then US-4 through some serious mountainous regions. There were covered bridges and streams everywhere -- it was quite breathtaking! Vermont, however, is not what I expected it to be! I was expecting acres of deadheads (Grateful Dead/Phish groupies), vegans and tie die shirts. Well, the tie-die shirts were everywhere, as were lesbians; but they (Vermont residents) are not as liberal as I once thought! The entire state appears to be run with an iron fist (not unlike Pittsford, NY!)

I spent the weekend with 50 furry men, a heated pool (80-85'F), a hot tub (104'F), a full service bar and nearby towns (all still getting ready for the snow) for lunches and dinners. It was a good weekend; the trip home however, was damp and cold. Oh well... Here's the room I stayed in.

It was a nice weekend -- no computers, no cell phones, no nothing... I needed it.