October 22nd, 2003

Keep Walking

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This cartoon made me laugh till I cried:

Ray: Can a kid be allergic to chicken?

R.B.: Uh, no... Nobody is alergic to chicken, it is one of the basic meats of no offense to anybody

Ray: So, like even "The Bubble Boy" could eat it?

R.B.: Oh yeah, in fact, on the last day of Bubble Boy's life, he asked for Chicken Yakitori, then used the skewer to pop his own bubble...

R.B.: The last thing he said was "Thanks for the awesome chicken, I loved it so much. It was the only pleasure I ever knew."

R.B.: He had to use sign language to say this to the doctors. Everyone who was on hand cried their hearts out as the plastic bubble drew tightly across his face, slowly suffocating him...

Looking for a costume for Halloween? What kid didn't want to be the "Leather Guy" (Glenn Hughes) from The Village People? I suppose this might have been several kids second choice after the Richard Simmons costumes were sold out. At least it's already got a built in protective vinyl coating.

Did you know: Glenn Hughes died on March 4, 2001 at his home in New York, succumbing to lung cancer at 51 years old. Hughes's funeral was held on March 9, 2001 at the Sacred Heart Church in New York, where bandmate Alex Briley (the current and original "Military Man") sang a moving rendition of "Where Do I Go" from the musical Hair. At his request, Hughes was buried in his Leatherman outfit.