October 21st, 2003

Keep Walking

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It was a fun, yet busy weekend. On the good side: The HRC Benefit was SOLD OUT. 1,400 people were attending the silent auction and dinner -- there were many politicians and surprise guests in addition to the scheduled ones. The two people that came up with the concept for "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" was there and was explaining just how the idea for them to do this came about here in Boston in the South End. Apparently, some guy's wife was griping about her husband not looking as neat and orderly as the group of men they were passing on Tremont Street -- little did they know they were all gay. The group of guys started offering verbal pointers on things he could to to look better. These two overheard all of this, and the idea for the show was born. Yolanda King was a very motovational speaker! I was quite impressed. Nathan Lane was obviously in a rush to get to the theatre for his show -- he got on stage, told a few jokes and ran (he's currently on stage here in Boston in the Huntington Theatre Company's staging of "Butley")

I attended several other parties and events over the weekend, including Boston Bears Bar Night on Saturday. It was a record number of attendees! (I did end up going in my Tux, as did my roommate Dennis!)

On the bad side: I was oncall Sunday, Monday and 1/2 of today - one more 4am wake up call and I'm going to freak!! I caught a slight cold from my roommate, and to make matters worse, the thermostat is not working properly in the apartment and it's a constant 90'F in here. We've got windows open and fans running to keep the heating system in check until tomorow (Wednesday) when the repairman will come by. I'm glad the heat is included here!

It's almost time for the bike to be put away... Although I rode it to work today (it was quite warm), they are predicting snow soon. (BUMMER!!)