October 15th, 2003

Keep Walking

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From the "It's not polite to play with your food department", it's "Let's have fun with meat day!!"

I'm sure you all have heard the sales pitch for apple cider "drink your apple a day" -- I wonder what the slogan for this place would be. Ham, Turkey and Beef are the flavours of the day at Meat Shake! [BARF!]

Haven't had enough meat? Well, click the image on the right and check out the OctoDog! The Octodog promotes itself as "The fun, simple and safer way to turn ordinary hotdogs into exciting to cook and super fun to eat!"

More oddities coming soon, as well as the weekend in review (coming tonight for sure!)
Keep Walking

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HRCNathan LaneAs a member of EAGLE (the Employee Alliance for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Empowerment) at IBM, I was offered two $200 tickets to the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) 22nd Annual HRC New England Dinner and Silent Auction in support of LGBT equality on Saturday, Oct. 18, 2003 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston featuring keynote speaker: Yolanda King and special guest: Nathan Lane (the actor) compliments of IBM! How cool is that?!?!? I'm going to the tux shop tomorrow to get fitted. I've invited my roommate, Dennis, to go with me. Following the event, I think I'll go to Bear Night at the Alley in my tux! ;-)

Now, on to last weekend in review:

My folks got in about 2:00 on Friday, and after checking them into the hotel, we headed out for the Public Garden, Boston Common, Cheers, Commonwealth Avenue and a stretch of Newbury Street... Lots of walking, eh? From there, we went up to the SkyWalk in the Prudentiual Centre for a look around from 50 floors up.

Now for the first trip on the T (the Subway in Boston) -- we grabbed the Green Line (Inbound), transferred to the Red Line and got off at Downtown Crossing to head over to Quincy Market for dinner. Due to the fact that I exited on the wrong side of the subway (thought I was on the west side, but we were on the east side), our walk to Quincy Market was a little longer than expected! We had dinner at Durgen Park (one of my favourite places to eat), it was great -- until about 20 children came into the restaurant and sat down at the table next to us and began to make a LOT of noise. We walked back to the Sheraton Park Plaza via Tremont Street (next to the Common.) A lot of ground was covered on Friday!

On Saturday, we sarted by walking to Charlie's Restaurant on Columbus Street for breakfast. We all loved it! (If you go, try the bananna-pecan pancakes!) We hopped on the T and headed to Downtown Crossing again (this time, ensuring we exited on the west side!) Time for serious shopping at Macy's and Filene's Basement! We all did some shopping and had fun! We took the green line back to Arlington Station to drop off our purchases at the hotel -- it was then time for us to head to the Aquarium! We made a quick stop at Legal Seafood for a lite lunch and spent a few hours at the New England Aquarium. The sea lion show was really cute!! Bruce and I missed that when he was in town. We had to leave to be at our Boston Duck Tour on time (5:00PM at the Pru.) This was our first time on the Duck Tour, ever. Our host was "P.J." who trekked us all over the South End, the Back Bay, the Charles River, Haymarket, and the Finincial Distrist. It was a great tour! The guide was awesome, and I highly recommend it to anyone as a 1st thing to do when in Boston! After the Duck Tour, we headed over to "No Name" restaurant (which is known for their fresh fish) -- my personal recommendation: don't bother. The place is a mess, their prices are average, their service is poor, and their food is below-par. You're better off at Dergin Park, Legal Seafood or The Oyster House. On a nice note, when we returned to the hotel, a dessert restaurant called finale and had some of the finest desserts I've ever tasted!!

Sunday, we were going to eat at Charlie's again, but they were closed! We ended up going back to Quincy Market (as Mom wanted to shop some more) and had breakfast there. I'm not much of a breakfast eater, so I wasn't much good as a guide for places for bacon & eggs... We spend some time looking around Quincy Markey and Faneuil Hall. Then it was off to Omni Parker House to pick up some Boston Cream Pies (individual serving size) and Parker House Rolls for my parents to take home to my brother! The Parker Restaurant (Parker House Hotel) was the creator of both of these foods, and they are the only thing on the "to go" menu at the Parker House.

As the afternoon was gaining on us, we dropped our stuff off at the hotel, and headed on the Red Line (T) to Davis Square in Somerville (on the edge of Cambridge, MA) for lunch at Red Bones -- a famous B.B.Q. spot. They were great!! Afterwards, I took my parents for tea at Someday Cafe in Davis Square. The rain was coming down pretty hard -- we were all getting wet, even with umbrellas and ponchos! From there, we were going to do a movie -- but we decided to go to the Museum of Science instead, and although we only had about an hour to look around, we enjoyed ourselves!! From there, we went to Legal Seafood next to the hotel for supper and called it a night.

Monday we went to Charlie's for breakfast again (cool place, really!), and then I led my parents on a wild goose chase looking for Guarana Soda, something my Dad and brother fell in love with from his many trips to Brazil. A local store (Super 88) carries it; but the one I normally go to was sold out! We had to go to the new store in Quincy to find it. Then they were off in the Corvette, back to Rochester...