October 6th, 2003

Keep Walking

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The New Dr. Who?

The BBC is reporting that Former Doctor Who Tom Baker says that Eddie Izzard is to be the next doctor for the TV show that starts 2005. Eddie is known for being a cross-dressing comedian in Britan.

The weekend in review...

My weekend began with some frustrating affairs: My plan for the trip to MLW (Mates Leather Weekend) involved NOT driving to P-town (to avoid the traffic getting there and back.) I was to take Boston Harbour Cruiseline's fast ferry (the same kind as they are planning to add to Rochester to Toronto next year, except this is passenger only.) After driving into Boston to the harbour and waiting almost forty-five minutes at the gate (the ferry was scheduled to leave at 2:00pm), I went to the main office for BHC and inquired where the boat was. The stunned receptionist told me that there was no 2 o'clock trip, it had been canceled.

What?!? As I pulled out my ticket that I purchased at their website to show to her. She took the ticket and got her supervisor. I was then told that the boat had broke down and was in dry dock. All persons that had tickets were called, except for those (as I) that purchased tickets with their website... Apparently they don't have access to the customer data from their own web site, so they had no telephone number to call! Well, I was fit to be tied. I did not want to drive there; that was the whole point! They were nice in the fact that they 1) refunded my $65, 2) gave me a free round-trip ticket for two on the fast ferry good for the next seven years, and 3) were going to pay for a bus trip to P-town, and provide return passage on the ferry as planned. The last part of this plan went south when we discovered, as it's off-season for visiting P-town, that there was only one bus, and it had left South Station at 1:00pm. I was left with no choice but to drive.

I fought the Friday afternoon traffic out of Boston down the I-93 heading for Rt. 3, which will take you to Cape Cod, and then to Rt. 6 which ends in Provincetown. I turned on the radio to listen to the traffic report to discover why I-93 was so packed, and heard that Rt. 3 had been closed due to an overturned cement truck and that 3-A (the alternative to Rt 3) was also backed up and hardly moving. My weekend was not off to a good start. To make a long story short, I took many, many back roads to get beyond the blockage and picked up Rt. 3 and continued to P-town unabated. The trip which normally takes about 2 hours took four ½ hours. I arrived at 6:30pm and checked into the bed & breakfast.

The rest of the weekend went well! Although chilly, the weather was nice. There were a lot of leathermen and bears from all over the east, including some friends I knew from New York City and Cleveland! Both evenings, I ate well! On Friday, I ate at The Mews and had a wonderful patê, filet mignon and all the trimmings! It was delicious! Saturday, I went back to the The Lobster Pot, where I had eaten before. As always, it was wonderful. The "First Mate Contest" was held outdoors under a huge tent, but it was so crowded that you could not see nor hear what was going on; so I just hung out by the fireplace in the bar with hundreds of other guys. Next year, they should consider using closed-circuit TV to broadcast the contest on all the screens in the bar!

On the trip home, traffic was light (I left early to avoid the rush!) -- I decided to make a quick stop in Plymouth to see some history! I saw Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II (a replica of the original Mayflower) -- it was nice to do something educational for a change! ;-)