September 24th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Friday night was Boston Bears happy hour and it was also the 119 Merimac reunion. It was a great night; I got really loaded... *hic!* -- thanks to all those folks buying me shots of Jack Daniel's!! I spent the better half of the day in bed recouperating from Friday night!! ;-)

Saturday night was Boston Bears Barnight at the Alley. The bar was packed with men, leather and fur! It was a nice night -- but obviously, I was very careful about how much (and what) I drank! Didn't want a repeat of Friday night!

Sunday the 21st was Gay Day at Six Flags New England. Me and 12 friends rented a van and left (almost on time) at 8:30am from Quincy... We split up into smaller groups at the park and had a blast! The park seemed more like "BEAR DAYS" than "GAY DAYS", as there were furry, bearded men everywhere with "bear pride" shirts. It was a GREAT day! The trip home sucked, as there was an accident on the I-90, and the traffic was backed up for 12 miles travelling at about 3 - 15 MPH. I wasn't driving, so I guess that made it more bearable!

I found out Monday that the Philadelphia trip (for the disaster recovery test) has been moved to December 4th. This causes a weekend conflict with Empire City's Toys for Tots (an event I go to every year.) But I think I know how to resolve it... I will fly to Philadelphia December 3rd, do the D/R the 4th & 5th, then go to the Bike Stop Friday night (Philly), and then drive to NYC for Toys for Tots and spend Saturday/Sunday night in NYC, then drive back to Philly on Monday and depart Philly for Boston. (If Bruce chooses to go to New York City that weekend, I'll go to NYC on Friday afternoon and stay until Monday morning, and drive to the Philadelphia airport on Monday morning.) Cool or what?

I still have a valid ticket for BOS -> PHL for Oct 29th, return on Nov 2nd. I might use it... I'd need to find a place to stay. I wonder if David and John will be there yet... Hummmm ;-)

Anyways, I've been busy at work again all week, and it's time for yet another meeting -- more on Friday! Ciao!