September 15th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Well, this past weekend just zipped by -- starting with Boston Bears Happy Hour at the Alley for about an hour, afterwards, not wanting to leave the city right away, I went to the theatre and watched Matchstick Men starring Nicolas Cage. It was great!! It was nice to see a good movie on the silver screen after the past few weeks of dogs. After the movie, I stopped out at the Ramrod for a beer and chatted with a few folks I knew.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to a Women's Professional Football game, my friends Gina and Kelley play for the Syracuse Sting and they kicked The New England Storm's butts on the field! 28 to 8!! After the game, everyone headed to Boston Beer Works for a buffet and some brews! A great finish to a great day! It was really nice seeing Kel and Gina in person again, it's been far too long.

Sunday it rained in the morning, so I stayed in and rested. Sunday evening, I went to a Boston Bears gathering at one of our member's homes -- it was nice to interact with the club outside of the bar for a change!

I guess I'm starting to fit into the Boston life now... it only took eight months....