September 11th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Well, Wednesday afternoon was the day my motorcycle was ready for pick-up!! I journied out on the three-hour MBTA Bus/Subway and Commuter Rail trip to Framingham, then by taxi for the last four miles to the bike shop to pick up my poor bike... $981.00 later (which included a LOT of work) I started the bike up, and honestly, it has not sounded this great in eight years!! The pick-up was awesome, the sound was great, and it drove so smooth that it didn't even feel like my bike! I think it was well worth the cost to get it into this shape! Now the only things left on the list of "things to do to the bike" are: exhaust system, re-chrome the engine, rear tyre (I replace front and rear tyres every other year, 2004 is the rear tyre's turn), and I also need to replace the failing horn (I want something nice and loud!!!)

Wednesday evening I went bowling for the first time on my new league!! Unlike Rochester's league (which I only remained in for about a month, due to the fact they were competitive bastards), this group is great!! They are friendly and easy-going! I had a great time, and will be going every Wednesday until the spring. After league bowling was complete, I tried two games of candlepin bowling on my own. It's a neat game, but very unlike ten-pin!

Today I spent some time working on a mix CD, and actually posted it to "Art of the Mix" it's yet another CD about Johnny... It's almost been a year since we officially broke up, and I still can't get through a day without thinking about him. Oh, well -- maybe next year I'll be over it... For those interested, here's the mix.

I met a nice guy from Salem at the Tuesday party, and just as I was finishing up the mix he called. Without knowing it, he managed to brighten up the close of my evening. Oh well, it's almost bedtime -- I'm signing off for now...

There are 15 songs of the day today (click here to see the mix)