September 5th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Well, the weekend is upon me again... This weekend I have to come on-site to move some servers Sunday morning from 3am to 6am (yuck!) -- tonight (Friday) is Boston Bears Happy Hour at The Alley (a number of folks have replied that they will be there; we shall see!) Saturday night, following an afternoon/evening nap (so I can work overnight) I will be meeting Fozzie Bear (from Rochester) at the Ramrod. He's in town for the weekend.

Sunday afternoon, following another nap, I will be visiting my pal Mike Bromberg in Mason, New Hampshire! Mike is an MIT grad (Delt alumni) and is fond of motorcycling, mountain climbing (he's a founder of The Vulgarian Ramblers), and he also owns his own company "Three Ring Circuits" which seems to embrace all of his passions in life. It should be a nice trip -- hopefully by motorcycle!!! The parts came in today, and my bike might be ready tonight or tomorrow!!!