September 1st, 2003

Keep Walking

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Today, September 1st would have been John and my 6th anniversary... I pretty much spent the day in bed. It was cold and cloudy outside, and all my activities for the weekend had caught up with me.

On Friday evening (after work) I moved some of the few remaining boxes of stuff from my old apartment to my new place, then went to Boston Bears happy hour at The Alley -- I had a good time there for a few hours, and then picked up the last load of stuff from the old apartment.

Saturday I cleaned and unpacked stuff -- there's so much more to do -- one wall in my new room is lined with boxes of stuff. I need to organize this stuff somehow... Saturday night I went to The Alley for their first leather night -- as it was labour day weekend, it was slow -- but enjoyable! I came home early so I could get up early Sunday morning to meet Liza and Boondyke (friends from Rochester who were here this weekend for a wedding in Cambridge) for brunch in Waltham.

Sunday brunch was great -- I spent a few hours with Liza and Boondyke and really had a good time. On my way home, I called Derek to see what he was up to for the day. When I arrived home, Derek called back and we discussed several ideas -- finally deciding to take a day-trip to Provincetown! As I have avoided Provincetown for many years, as I heard that it was "very faggy"; I felt as I was going to Mates Leather Weekend the first weekend of October, this would be a good trip to learn my way around town. The drive there was just over 100 miles (about two hours in length.) </i>When I go in October, I will be taking the Ferry there, avoiding the long drive there and back!</i>

Ptown was not as bad as I thought it as going to be! It's very small, only one street about three miles long (Commercial Street) is the main street with commercial businesses on it. We spent the afternoon shopping (mostly window shopping!) - and as the sun started to set, we had dinner at The Lobster Pot. Although dinner was pricey, it was one of the best lobsters I ever had! I highly recommend this restaurant for their lobster and their seafood bisque.

Following dinner, I picked up some salt water taffy (yum!) for my candy dish at work, and we went to a drag show!! Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a huge drag queen fan; but just as with my Quebec City trip (in 1996) with Alex, these drag shows weren't just lip-synching and tip-begging (as they are in Rochester), they were truly entertaining! Comedy and real music (not lip-synched) was the venue that evening! The show consisted of several acts, the primary being an impersonator that looked, sounded and behaved just like Cher! I was very impressed. The show ended about ten o'clock, and then it was time to check out some stuff more my style: the leather bars!!

We checked out the Vault (nice place!), we didn't even bother waiting in the huge line for Purgatory, the leather dance bar (with a $10 cover!!) -- and the last stop was "The Macho Room" near where we parked. The Macho Room was small and crowded but seemed to have a nice crowd. Not too many leathermen there though. I'm hoping that during leather weekend things will be a bit more butch. If you're interested in visiting Ptown, here's a quick guide.