August 7th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Today I got news on the "no apartments for motorcyclists" battle from MMA's lawyer:

Charles -

The MMA Board has 'unleashed' me on this issue, and expressed its 'thankfulness' for you bring it to our attention, was 'disgusted' the treatment you endured, and were generally pissed about the situation. FYI - We have heard about similar situation BUT those involved did not wish to pursue the matters like I ensured the Board members you would. (As you know, often time lots of complains but no one wants to STAND UP and take action).

You letter to the MMA, and some of our e-mails I printed out convinced the Board 'we finally found someone' who won't back down from this.

I've got to be in Boston Thursday morning on some stuff. Try to call me between 3-5 and I'll fill you in on 'where to from here.' I'm excited about this Charlie, pissed at the situation, and ain't gonna let it die. Again, from me to you, and the MMA Board, THANK YOU for STANDING UP.

Paul W. Cote


I will be leaving for Pennsylvania tomorrow afternoon (via motorcycle) rain or shine for the Pocono Warrior's run!! Yippie!!