July 17th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Busy week still... Time for some geeky stuff:

I'm now using a different internet browser! It's really good: Mozilla Firebird. Mozilla is an open-source browser, Firebird is one of the several "flavours" available (it's designed to be light and lean) and offers the best of I.E. and Netscape 7.0 (without all the baggage!) -- If you want to try it, click on this link: Mozilla Firebird. You need not abandon your existing browser(s); in fact you do not want to disable Microsoft's I.E. (as you will get strange reactions from Windows!)

Another geeky thing -- I've put a "Site Icon" on my blog! This is a little icon that will appear if you open my blog in a "tab", or on the bookmark for my blog! (Whoopie!, right?)

My fuel pump for my motorcycle has arrived! Good news for my upcoming road-trip!

On the work front, things have been okay for me, but bad in other areas that make my entire team's overall performance look very, very bad. The pressure to "shape up" is on now; so that means that I will need to ensure that my, and my team's, positive points are highlighted whenever possible...

More soon!

Today's song: Matchbox 20 - Unwell (hey, it's somewhat new!!)