July 13th, 2003

Keep Walking

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At 7:00pm on the 4th, I finally decided that I needed to go and hang with friends, although my bike trip was scrubbed due to the "meltdown." So, I gritted my teeth and took the 396 mile trip to Hemlock in my car. 6 ¾ hours later, I arrived at 1:45am on Saturday morning to Albert & Dan in Hemlock, NY.

I spent the weekend with friends in a very relaxed and enjoyable environment. Swimming, sunning, and episodes of Family Guy!

On Sunday, about 1:00pm, it was time to begin the trek home. Twenty miles after passing the Massachusetts boarder, the "BATTERY" light came on in the car on the dashboard. Something was wrong, and I was 130 miles from home on the 4th of July weekend. Oh great. I knew it had to be the battery or the alternator; only time would tell. About 85 miles later, I found out that it was the alternator, as all the lights on the car dimmed and the car started running funny as the battery began to "give up the ghost." Luckily for me, I made it the two miles on I-90 to reach the service centre, there was an electrical outlet within parking distance, and I happen to carry a battery charger with me.

I hooked up the battery and let it charge for about 40 minutes. The battery held the charge; but there was nothing coming from the generator (alternator) - I drove back home, lights off once again for the last 10 miles. There is a plug in my garage, so I hooked it up and let it charge all night.

I took my car to the Saturn dealership on Monday, and as I thought, the alternator went bad; as were about six other things that needed servicing. All of which I knew about (or suspected.) $600 later, the car was back on the road better than ever.

We also found out what cause the problem with the motorcycle; the fuel pump died. It will be a week before the part comes in, but at least the problem was found. I should get the bike back this coming week (July 14 - 18th.)

On the bright side of the trip, the dealership that performed the work was GREAT (which is hard to find in today's world!); I made it home safely, without needing a tow; and I got some of the things that I felt were unsafe with the car repaired finally!!


On Tuesday, July 8th, my good friend Bob Foley came to stay with me for the week. We walked all over town and took in the sights. It was a great week! Bob had a good time here and really loves the Ramrod (the local leather bar.)

On Friday, July 11th, I gave up the concept of the four bedroom shared apartment that I have been pushing for the past month. There were not enough good people interested in it. I went to an apartment complex in Weymouth (shuddering at the fact that three similar places already said I could not even apply to live there due to my motorcycle) to check the place out. This place was very nice, and they have a one bedroom apartment, with all the amenities I'm looking for (including fitness centre, pool, etc.) plus this unit includes all utilities! How much? $900/month. Much better than $2400/month for a no parking, no utilities loft in the Back Bay! -- Although it is 17 miles from Boston, it's only 6 miles from where I work, and there's a Commuter Rail station only four miles away. I filled out the application and put in the deposit in the event I am accepted. I will find out in a week if they will accept me or not. Wanna check it out? Click here: Apartment Complex Information.

This weekend, July 11/12/13th, Bob and I went to the Public Garden and the Common on foot - walked back and napped before a fun night out at the Ramrod. After napping, and knowing I had to be at work at 2:30am -- I decided to stay in and nap some more before going to work. Bob had a good time at the bar, I got home from work about 5:30am. Bob left this morning about 11am.