June 29th, 2003

Keep Walking

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The weekend is coming to a close... here's my recap:

I worked late on Thursday, so I didn't make it to the slashdot meetup. :-(

I stayed home and worked overtime on the new backpatch for the Boston Bears (the club I started in March [formerly named "Boston Area Bears"]) -- the patch looks very cool -- I ordered a bunch of them, and will continue to move the club forward. Our new domain for the group is http://bostonbears.us

On Friday after work, I went to Weymouth (south of Boston) to check out some studio apartments (just in case the 4 bedroom apartment does not work out.) There were three on my list that looked very good, all with pools, golf course access, tennis courts, and all the amenities that make living alone nice. I was very impressed with the first place, $850/mo and very modern, with an indoor pool, gym, sauna, plus everything listed above. It was a little more than I want to pay, but what the hell, right? Everything was fine until I was finished with the tour and the manager saw me put on my leather jacket (in 85F weather) -- he noticed my motorcycle and asked if it was mine -- yes, I replied... "I'm sorry, but we don't allow motorcycles on our property." was the reply!! This was repeated at the next two places as well!! I'm NOT happy with that, and intend to make a stink over it with the Mayor of Weymouth, my congressman, senator, the MMA and AMA. I've never felt so discriminated against! Oh well, whatever...

Friday night was Bear Barnight at the Ramrod, and it was a good turnout! Hooked up with my buddies Dereck, Steve and Dewey. We had a fun evening and called it a night when the bar closed.

Saturday I chilled most of the day, going out to The Alley for their first Bear Barnight at 9pm -- the attendance was MUCH BETTER than the Ramrod's. Many Boston Bears that I've not meet face-to-face showed up -- and I was having a good time; but had to go home at 11pm to nap so I could go into work at 2:30am. :-( I went into work from 2:30am - 4:00am to move the server as planned -- came back home and crashed.

On Sunday, I was laid back, and watched South Park videos all day as I slept on and off with a nice breeze blowing through the apartment -- I went out for a bike ride later, then had Mocha Malt Frappichino at Starbuck's on Tremont St. -- I think I'm addicted to these new drinks, which taste like a chocolate malt, without the fat and calories!! YUM!

I sent out more e-mail for apartment/room-share for September 1st. I will remain picky about this until the end of July when it gets closer to the date I have to move....