June 23rd, 2003

Keep Walking

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It's been a busy two weeks! I was back in Rochester from June 12th thru June 16th. The 13th was Mom's birthday -- the whole family went out to Conesus Inn for prime rib! (yum!) Later that evening, I met up with some friends at Motor for karaoke -- even Michael Alvarez got up and sang a bit with Bruce! It was a load of fun! Kelley, Gina, Pam, Ben, Bob, Michael and others all showed up!!

Bruce went to Lake Ontario with his kids and in-laws on Saturday -- I just chilled all day. That evening was to be Sue Kempf's 50th Birthday surprise party! Sue was one of the best teachers I ever had in Junior High and High School. I was so happy to be a part of this celebration! She was so shocked at all of the people that showed up at her friend, Cindy Tinny's house to surprise her! It was a wonderful evening!! Later that night, I went out to the Bachelour Forum for the Empire Bears (www.empirebears.org) Barnight -- it was your usual barnight crowd.

Sunday, Bruce and I went to his wife's to uncover their pool; then over to my brother's to get his garage door opener (built into his van) to properly work. It was a quick fix. Since it was such a nice day, and we were to meet Terry for cocktails at 4:00pm, and we hadn't eaten yet, I took Bruce to Don & Bob's (now "Don's Original") in Seabreeze. We went home to change for the bar, and waited an hour for Terry to show up :-( -- it was so nice outside though, we decided to head over to Tara's, as they had an outdoor deck and a D.J. so we could drink, socialize, and listen to good tunes outside... Ahhhhh... How nice. We went home for the evening and ordered more naughty food (pizza) and watched a movie.

I headed back to Boston on Monday morning, just after my morning meetings.

Once in Boston, the work week continued as usual... A hard drive failure on a RAID 0 array, and a system board on a SunFire 4800 were my major problems this past week. Kept me pretty busy.

June 20th I just stayed in -- I was exhausted after 12 hours of resolving the SunFire 4800 problem; I made-up for it on the 21st! Bruce talked me into going out and having some fun -- I was going to meet my pal Kenny (from Rochester) who was in town for the weekend, visiting friends; however, it was raining so bad, that I didn't want to drive so far to get to where he was hanging out. I ended up going to the Ramrod (http://www.ramrodboston.com/ramrod/) my preferred bar here in Boston, with the Alley (http://www.thealleybar.com/) and The Boston Eagle (no web page that I know of) sharing second place. I actually got to hang out with some nice folks, including Dean (*WOOF!*) who's built like a brick shithouse! Although the night started out slow, it got very busy, and I had a great time --- until some asshole started with me outside the bar after last call! It not for someone else, we were going to beat each other to a pulp -- he was an arrogant, trashed, annoying Irishman. Grrrrr... Most people have been very cool here, I guess there's always a few jerks.

Sunday it poured. It really poured. I went to the Eagle at 4:00pm for the first Boston Bears Gathering -- which was rained out :-( The Red Sox lost; so the whole day was pretty much a waste. It was good to relax some more I guess...

Today, of course, is beautiful! Warm and sunny. Just about like every other weekend -- rainy until Monday morning. Oh well... Time to get outta here and head home.

p.s. I think I've found my new apartment!!! More one that shortly.