June 9th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Well, the landlord finally called me back today -- they sent a letter of intent to us last week, asking if we intended to renew the $2k/month lease for the apartment following the 08/31 lease expiration. $2,000 a month is way too expensive for what you get there; and although I only pay a portion of it now - I don't want to be left holding the bag for a year. I sent them a letter back saying that we need to negotiate the rent down a bit, considering the condition of the apartment. They wouldn't budge on the rent. Therefore, unless they have a change of heart quickly, I'll be moving again in July or August.

I have already begun the search for new apartments and roommates. The one guy that was interested might not have his job in two weeks; therefore, he might not remain in the area. I would prefer a nice loft in the South End or the Back Bay for just myself; but at the average cost being $2,400.00/month for a loft (plus first, last and deposit -- [that's $7,200.00 just to MOVE IN]), my "lofty" dreams of living alone in a cool rooftop loft are too pricey for me.

Last time I was moving here, I was in a rush, and really didn't have the ability to look at many places, nor interview my potential new roommates very well. This time around, I will be able to visit places right away, and have the time to scrutinize the living situation (i.e. no damn cats, sloppy roommates, or college parties that involve breaking my personal property.)

I'm still toying with the thought of getting my own condo here... Home ownership again, do I really want that? hummmmmmm....