June 8th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Another weekend is coming to a close -- this weekend was special; my friend Bruce from Rochester came to visit for the weekend!

On Friday, we walked from my apartment to the Prudential building and checked out Greater Boston from 50 stories up... then we walked up Newbury Street (similar to Park Avenue in Rochester -- botiques, bistros, salons and more... just more of them, more expensive and larger.) One block over -- we went up Commonwealth Avenue up to the Public Garden and over to Beacon Street to "Cheers" bar for a brew. Then we cut across the Boston Common (park) and up Beacon Hill (State House), then down through Government Centre to City Hall where the Mayor of Boston raised the gay rainbow flag at City Hall for the opening of Gay Pride. A bit further, we were at the Quincy Market for another beer at the OTHER Cheers bar (a replica of the one shown on the TV series) then we headed south through Chinatown - a quick stop at The Boston Eagle and then back home. All in all, the walk took about five hours and was very enjoyable.

After showers and changing, we took the subway back to Qunicy Market for lobster dinners at Durgin Park (yum!!!) following dinner, we checked out the new bar "The Alley" located on Pi Alley -- it was VERY new, too new. Bars need to be broken in like a pair of Levis. This one needs some serious traffic to make it comfortable, but I think they will do just fine. The guys that used to own 119 Merimac (which closed in 2002) opened the new place. We then went back home to pick up the motorcycle and we headed out to the Ramrod.

Saturday was a rainy day... we had a spot of lunch and then grabbed the subway to the New England Aquarium. We spent all afternoon at the aquarium and saw all sorts of neat creatures! After the acquarium closed, we had martinis at Legal Sea Foods and then caught the 3D IMAX presentation of "Ghosts of the Abyss" - a feature length movie showing the wreckage of the titanic and the work involved going down to the ocean floor to film it. Following the movie, once again, we headed to the Ramrod, which Bruce took quite a liking to.

Sunday we just chilled as Bruce's travel friend would meet him at my apartment around noon for them to head home... it was a nice weekend indeed!