May 2nd, 2003

Keep Walking

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Another busy week!! This time with better weather! I've been riding the motorcycle almost all week!

On Tuesday, the private club met again -- some really nice guys! Too bad this meeting is on a work night! We had guys from all over the area from as far north as Maine! Wednesday was a catch-up day at work -- got a lot completed, and feeling good! Thursday and Friday I spent all day, both days, recovering an OpenVMS server for NStar. Since there was no pressure to repair it quickly (it was a development system, not production) I could take my time and hone my disaster recovery skills. I finished the job at 3:30pm today.

I have some work to do over the weekend, but nothing major -- and it can be done from home! :-) Much better than the last few months, eh?

I got a note from the Rams that CanAm has officially been cancelled, due to a request from the Monroe County Public Health Department. There is a hightened concern about SARS, and just to be safe, the Rams have agreed to not do CanAm weekend this year. :-( I will still go to Rochester that weekend though for Barnight, the BBQ at Albert's and to see my family.

In my spare time (not much of it), I picked up my new glasses, got a nice short summer haircut from my new stylist, washed my motorcycle, and have been downloading movies off the internet (rather than rentind DVDs) -- I downloaded quite a few movies (some that are just getting ready to come out on the big screen this month!) I want to see X-MEN2! Maybe this weekend...

I'm trying to get my new Bears club (The Boston Area Bears) to get together for the first time on May 10th! I hope there's a good responce!

Today's song: Chicane - Don't Give it Up (a classic from Halloween Weekend, 2001) Thanks to Robin Fogerty for being there for me when I needed a friend! This song's for you!