March 31st, 2003

Keep Walking

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I took my Motorcycle and one of my kites to the Public Garden (where there was a 50,000 people peace protest in progress) and flew my kite most of the afternoon. The wind was very erratic. I lost the kite in a tree, the first one I've ever lost! I called my kiting buddy in Toronto, Pierre, to let him know that I finially lost one.

I stopped off in Chinatown for dinner at a nice Vietnamese restaurant called Pho 59 (formally known as Pho 54) -- I had a nice meal there! When I was finished, the rain which was to last all weekend just started to drip...

I did go to see the show Saturday night -- great music, acting and lighting -- but the script was terrible! The actors already knew this, and were quite embarassed performing some of the dumb lines (it was obvious) -- I found out that Matt (one of my roommates) had a major role in the show, while Jenn (my other roommate) wrote all the lyrics for the original score! Very impressive!

As it was raining heavily following the show, I went home and chilled. To my surprise, one of the PBS stations here in the Boston area is _still_ running Doctor Who episodes (all reruns of course) on Saturday night at 11pm (followed by Red Dwarf!) -- How cool! The time slot takes me back to 1982 - 1984 when a group of friends used to have a Saturday ritual of Bowling, then pizza and a four-player game of M.U.L.E. ( ) on my Atari 800, followed by Doctor Who! What fun days those were!

I spent Sunday web-surfing, napping and doing laundry. It rained all day, and I had no energy to go out in the stuff...

This morning, I awoke to SNOW! What's up with that??? Gary and Mitch said they can not go to Saint Maarten for sure now. I'm hoping Scott can. Only 24 hours remain on the $379 airfare special!

The countdown is now at: 2 days, 18 hours, 4 minutes and 12 seconds