March 28th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Last night was fun, I drove my motorcycle through Cambridge, past Harvard and into Somerville for the monthly Slashdot Meetup -- this time held at "Someday Cafe" in Davis Square. Cool place, even if they don't have WiFi. Here is a photo I took of our little Unix/Geek group: (yeah, that's me in the back!) For those of you that don't know, Slashdot ( is a free geek news consolidator service. It's really neat.

I've been melancholy/borderline depressed all this morning. I spoke with Gary and Mitch last night, and because the airfare to Saint Maarten has not come down, there's a good change that they will NOT be joing me. This would my greatest fear about this vacation: going alone. The island is a cool place with all sorts of things to do and see (not to mention some really nice beaches!) -- but I already know that everywhere I turn will be memories of John and I. We have made this trip together for the last four years, and even when he was being an asshole last year; when we arrived, him mood changed and we all had a great time. I didn't want to go alone, I don't think I can bear the lack of a traveling companion to share sightseeing and lounging with. It was going to be bad enough without John being there with his energitic personality and high spirits -- chilling on the beach with cool trip-hop or ambiant music, with our cooler of bananna coladas, chess/backgammon or card games... *sigh* Now it's looking like NO ONE will be going with me. :-( In a last-minute desperate attempt, I've posted adverts to some of the groups I belong to seeking a traveling companion. What a bummer. I was hoping Alex or Bruce could come along, but they can't. I'm not even looking forward to vacation this year now... I'll just have to get over it I guess.

Going over to Bob & Kevin's tonight -- then it's off to the Ramrod. I think I'll be posting more this weekend.

The countdown is down to: 5 days, 18 hours, 56 minutes and 26 seconds