March 18th, 2003

Keep Walking

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St. Patrick's day was okay -- but I discovered for the real fun, you've got to go to the pubs in South Boston. I'll remember that for next year. I just went to the Ramrod for a while...

It was beautiful outside yesterday, 65F in the city. Great day for biking! (Hence, the lack of a BLOG entry from yesterday!!) Today's cooler, but no need for a jacket outside, and short sleeves are nice!

Over the weekend, I went for a bike ride around town -- I cruised through Chinatown and headed over to the Public Garden and Boston Common. I ended up at the Prudential Centre (the tall building just to the west of downtown) -- it's a 50 story building, with a HUGE mall on it's lower levels (check it out here: ) I picked up all sorts of visitor brochures about Boston to help get me acquainted better. The 50th floor of the Prudential is the Skywalk Observatory ("The Skywalk Observatory offers breathtaking 360° views of Boston, 700 feet in the air. The Skywalk Observatory & Exhibit is open 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Fun facts about Boston accompany the view.") -- I'll go up there when Bruce or Liza comes to town.

Countdown to Saint Maarten ...... 17 days (still no tickets! -- but I've seen the fares drop a bit)