March 14th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Today was another rough Friday... it seems that my new customer likes two to four hour meetings at 3:00 on Fridays to discuss weekend system changes and see how much they can undo hours of careful planning. Today was no different. To make things extra exciting, around 2:00, they sent notice that they wanted four (new) SunFire servers decommissioned and unbolted from their racks. Hours of planning and hours of meetings from the last few weeks were undone at the last minute (again) to be re-planned, adding risk and confusion as changes to our plan were made... I guess I'll get used to this method of administering systems, but someday these last minute changes will result in a serious failure.

After work, I treated myself to "3D Mania", a 3-D movie at the Jordan/Comcast IMAX theatre about 20 miles from Boston. It was really cute, with lots of neat 3D effects! It was amazing watching the sneak previews in 3D also!

Considering I have to work Saturday night through Sunday morning (again) -- tonight is the only night I can go out -- so I think I will... :-)

Today's song of the day ............. Control Yourself by Manufacture
Countdown to Saint Maarten ...... 21 days (still no tickets!)
Countdown to St. Patrick's Day .. 2 days (buying extra alka-seltzer for Tuesday morning!) :-)