March 10th, 2003

Keep Walking

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Just getting everything organized today ... still looking for reasonable prices for flight to Saint Maarten (every year, it's the same story!!) If I could have gone between March 9 and March 21, 2003, I could have gone round-trip for $297.00 from Boston.. :-( On the good side -- it's IBM bonus time (that's my vacation cash!) Right now, $611.00 if I leave Thursday 04/03 and return Monday 04/14... Still too expensive (and inconvenient dates!) I'm looking for 04/04 -> 04/13. If any of you know someone/somewhere I can get a better deal _right_now_ -- let me know.

My buddy Woody sent me an AVI (video/movie) from 2600 -- Freedom Downtime, a 2 hour movie about hackers (esp. Kevin Mitnick .) I'll watch that at home tonight.

Weather today: 29F/14F -- staying in tonight. Maybe I'll do a movie later this week for a change of pace; or perhaps go to the Prudential Centre and look around...

No song of the day today -- I'm sorting through 4,000+ songs on my home system and am musiced out for a little while. I can squeeze 150-180 songs (.mp3) on each CD! (Smile!) -- When I go to Saint Maarten, I'll have over 2,000 songs to choose from on the beach with my personal MP3/CD player!

Countdown to Saint Maarten: 25 days
Countdown to St. Patrick's Day: 6 days (big holiday in Boston from what I hear!)