March 6th, 2003

Keep Walking

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I found a way to feel a bit better!! Last night, I walked up the street to return some DVDs and discovered that it was WARM ( > 40F ) outside, and the rain had stopped! After dropping the DVDs off (and picking up 2 more [Minority Report and High Crimes]) I went back to the apartment and changed into jeans, boots, my vest and lether jacket -- went to the garage and stared my bike!! I went for a ride up the street to The Boston Eagle, where I had a couple of Jack & Cokes, and for the first time -- people were social with me at the Eagle! (Guess it was the biker thing... :-) Following my road rule of: two wheels - two drinks, four wheels - four drinks, I left the Eagle and headed down Tremont, over to Mass Ave, then to Beacon, and to Boylston to see how the Ramrod was doing -- woah -- it was CLOSED by the city inspectors! It's probably due to the heavy inspestions they're doing in all the clubs around here due to the fire in the club in Rhode Island (the Great White concert fire.) I looked in the door and they were busy doing work on the place. I'm certin they'll be open again very soon. I went home and chatted with Bruce for over an hour and crashed for the night...

Today began like any other day, but it wasn't going to stay like that! It started snowing around noon -- and by 1:00, there were snow warnings on the radio. Everyone at work started to pack and get ready to go home (while they could!), including me! I was on the road at 1:30 and heard on the radio that a serious 150+ (yes, one hundred and fifty plus) car pile-up had occured on I-95 (just south of where I was driving!) I was going up I-93 towards home at a max speed of 35MPH. It took an hour to get home in the slushy nightmare (normal commute is :15 - :20 minutes.) So, I worked from home the rest of the day.

A nice surprise when I got home, my new fridge was delivered and installed while I was at work! Very cool (I know, bad pun.) I don't know what's up tonight -- probably will just crash early. Who knows?

Countdown to Saint Maarten: 29 days