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British vs White?

Whilst completing a survey for the Transportation for London website, I was asked my ethnicity, which is normally an easy one to answer. However, this time I did a double-take, as the first four options were all variations of 'white' (caucasian). Can someone please define the differences here?

Obviously, if you were born in Ireland or have 'Irish blood' you're probably "Irish"; whereas if you were born in Britain or have 'British blood', you probably consider yourself "British" -- but couldn't you logicically be black-skinned, born in Britain and reside in Britain and consider yourself British? I scratch my head over these choices, of which you can ONLY pick one.

In other news, I go to the Long Island Raven's Run in Ronkonkoma, NY this weekend! Next weekend I'll be in Deerfield, New Hampshire visiting Dave and Mark.

Whilst I'm travelling, check out over 14,000 MP3 files from Chaz' and Johnny Ipacs' vast music collection! To see an excel spreadsheet of what's available [updated 18-MAR-09], click here. To download stuff, click here!

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