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Back from London, off to Frankfurt!

Well, where shall I begin? After arriving in London and re-syncing to the local time, I did some shopping, got a haircut and then collected Dave Pike at St Pancras Train Station and we headed back to the home of chrishansenhome (our gracious host whilst we were in London!) Both Dave and I got some much needed sleep for the activities before us!

On Friday, my mate Calum Campbell with his mate Ricardo in tow (both from Scotland) arrived in London as well! We were four blokes planning to cause all sorts of trouble at the weekend! Friday evening began with a few pints at The King's Arms, then it was off to Starker's (London's Naked Disco, held every 3rd Friday of the month). We had a fab time there until the wee hours! We got home around 5AM.

Saturday we all did brunch together then went to Soho where Dave and I picked up tickets for the evening performance of Wicked! (once again) -- this time, I'd make sure Dave stayed awake throughout the entire show. After a nap, Dave and I went to the show -- Apparently, he didn't remember anything about the first act from the first time he slept though it. ;-) We met up once again for chicken dinners at Nando's (yum), then went to Club XXL where we hung out 'till last orders at 4AM. The music in Arch 4 (in the back) consisted of some rare 80s one-hit-winders and other 'modern rock' classics, hence the song I chose today -- Toto Coelo - I Eat Cannibals. Sadly, Dave managed to get his wallet nicked :-( however, on a good note, there was no money lost and he got it back by night's end, it was just missing his driver's licence. It was another late night...

On Sunday evening, we had a meet-up of one of my online groups at The Hoist, followed with late night chips. On Monday evening six of us (now including Daniel and Orlando) met up for dinner at Busaba Eathai. Great food, but very it was very loud, making the experience miserable for me. For dessert, we went to a Häagen-Dazs shop (which I didn't even know existed!) for a great variety of sweet endings!

Tuesday Dave and I went to the London Transport Museum and spent most of the morning there... it was then off to Trafalgar Square, and then to Soho for a few pints at Compton's -- then we stumbled to The King's Arms for one more pint before we hopped the #8 bus to visit Ed Burton, a mate and the original culprit behind Sodaconstructor, the BAFTA award winning java toy that exemplifies his peculiar passion for dynamic systems facilitating creative play and emergent behaviour. What?!? You don't know what Soda Constructor is? Play with it at

On Wednesday, Dave and I both headed home. Dave by train, and me by plane.

I arrived in Boston Wednesday evening and spent the night there. I went to The Ramrod (*yawn*) dressed in my full skinhead outfit. I don't know why I bothered to dress up. Thursday morning I flew back to NYC and spent most of the day unpacking/cleaning.

Thursday night here in New York featured three major evening events:

1) The New York Transportation Museum (of which I am a member) and the New York Public Library joined forces to present a two-location exhibition about NYC's underground infrastructure initiatives entitled "The Future Beneath Us: Eight Great Projects Under New York". They had a 'members only' private unveiling of the new exhibit at 18:00 featuring the designer.

2) The New York Bear Den, the project I've been working on with a number of people (as previously mentioned in my blog) had it's first Steering Committee Meeting, eight people showed up and five more expressed a strong interest, but could not attend due to conflicts. A lot was discussed and we're all on the same page now. By the way, I hope to have some exciting news about The NY Bear Den on Monday!!

3) Robert Valin, the creator of "New York Leather Invasion", "Truck Stop" and "New York Leather Weekend" celebrated his 45th anniversary at The Rawhide. It was fun! The Rawhide (a local dive) is always a fun place!

(or dear, I've gotten wordy... time to wrap it up!)

I'm off to Frankfurt on Thursday for the weekend. See my schedule at if you're in the area! Remember to do the time conversion, Frankfurt is +1 GMT!! E-mail me your suggestions!

Also, in travel news, I have BOOKED my trip to London, Salisbury, Bath, Cardiff, Nottingham, and Manchester (for the Great British Bear Bash #12) -- so will be updated very shortly with details!
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