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Chaz' move to New York -- An update.

When I last wrote with a NYC move update, I had developed ten steps to logically make my move to New York City from Boston. Although there were some snags along the way (like movers that tried to charge me double and didn't deliver all my stuff), I'm happy to report that everything on my list has been completed (with the exception of procuring a new job). I am now just starting to seriously look for work now. I am working with a professional vocational guidance counsellor (which is advisable for anyone in the $100k+ job market). This person (who is paid by me) will work on my behalf to help me locate and procure a career that best suits my strengths. He's sort of a 'reverse-head-hunter.

Of course, in the meantime, I've been busy travelling, attending local events in NYC, unpacking and setting up the apartment, heck I've even had my first house guest (a mate from Scotland!), who was here for a week in January!

My travel schedule is already filling up for 2009 -- Palm Springs, Long Island, Manchester (both the one in NH and the one in England), Cardiff, Salisbury, Frankfurt (Germany), Rochester (CanAm/Victoria Day weekend) and two trips to London all before Memorial Day! For those interested, I will not be at IML in Chicago this year. If you're interested in travelling with me, please let me know! I love dragging people along with me!

Please check out my Where's Chaz schedule -- perhaps I'm coming your way?

If you're a motorbiker, please jot down the weekend after Memorial Day for the Empire City Motorcycle Club biker's weekend! On Friday, 29th May, we'll have our 45th annual Bike Blessing & Christening here in New York City. On the 30th, we'll ride in formation to an undisclosed location for bikers only (no 4-wheeled vehicles allowed, sorry) for ECMC's annual Biker's Picnic. As always, these are both FREE events! Contact me or any other member of Empire City, M.C. for details (don't bother to look at the website, it's under re-construction, again).

Of course, nothing is perfect -- I've had some trials and tribulations with this move, but all the planning I did really helped! My flatmate, K.K. Kua, is a great guy! Like me, he's an 'elite frequent flyer' and travels like mad all over the globe. We have much in common, which makes living together in this somewhat small flat very enjoyable and entertaining.

I live in a neighbourhood that is becoming known as "SpaHa" (the new, cool word for Spanish Harlem). It has been very up-and-coming with construction of the new Second Avenue (T) subway line -- fancy restaurants and clubs are starting to pop-up in anticipation of the new subway, which will directly connect the upper east side with the financial district. There will be a station stop on my block, less than a 60-second walk from my front door! We're situated on the 9th floor of a 20 storey high-rise with southerly and easterly views.

[In other subway news, the (Q) line will be extended to 125th St and the (7) line will be extended to the west side and turn south down 11th Ave, ending at the Jacob Javits Convention Centre -- that means there will soon be a subway to take you to the NYC Eagle! Woo hoo!]

I've been trying to post stuff up to my blog from time to time, but there does not seem to be enough time in the day -- I think I need a personal secretary! ;-) I'm not going to be sending out e-mail notices like this very often, so if you're really interested in what's new with me, what's on my mind or knowing where I'm going, please check my websites from time to time.

I hope everyone is having a glorious 2009 so far! When visiting New York, please let me know you're coming! At the very least I can help steer you to some interesting places to see, visit or eat!

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