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Logan's Run 2010?

It looks like one of my favourite sci-fi movies from the 70s is going to get a make-over! Logan's Run is expected to be released in 2010! See the IMdB entry here. Rumour-control: The death age has allegedly been decreased from 30 to 21 and Joseph Kosinski is to be the director.

After a stressful packing, moving, unpacking and holiday season I had my first visitor to my new flat last week -- Calum from Scotland. Woof! A Scotbear with a streak of kink! I'm now in Palm Springs (once again), relaxing and catching up on my e-mail while visiting with Jon and Jordan.

I return to New York next Monday, the 2nd. I'm not doing much from the 3rd thru the 17th, other then my ongoing job search. Then on the 18th, I return to Boston for a day, then from there, it's overseas to London for a week (as I previously posted here).

Tags: sci-fi, travel

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