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... a bonus trip to the UK!

This is a quick note to my fellow travellers and friends in the United Kingdom to let you know that I will be coming to London for almost a week in February 2009.

Please note: this trip is completely separate from my month of travel in the EU/UK in April/May '09!

Basic Trip Facts:

- I will arrive in London at 06:50 on Thursday 19 Feb 2009
- I will be departing at 17:55 on Wednesday 25 Feb 2009.
- Dave Pike will accompany me most of the trip.
- Rather than a hotel, Dave and I will be looking to stay with mates in London*.

I don't have anything planned just yet whilst we're in London. Ideas and meet-ups are welcomed!

* If you have a guest room that will be available from the 19th through the 25th, please let me know if you're willing to provide billeting for Dave and me. I will repay the favour when you come to New York City!

Today's song, X-Cops - Cavity Search is one of the lovely little tunes in my new sub-directory on Chaz' Jukebox called "- XXX Adult". It's where I'm putting music that's not suitable for kiddies.

Back in the RCL days, Jon Von Faust turned me on to X-Cops, The Meatmen and other groups that are... how do I say it... raunchy when he gave me a mix tape with all sorts of interesting 'music'. I wonder if Jon's still around. *sigh*

Feel free to check out some of the jaunty songs in there -- just don't let mom catch you!

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