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New York Move -- An Update

I went to New York City last Sunday night.

On day 1 (Monday), I went shopping at the Homo Depot on Monday to order the carpet, paint and other supplies needed. I painted the ceiling and applied the 1st coat to the walls.

On day 2 (Tuesday) I applied the 2nd coat to the walls, did fill-in, all the trim and the "turquoise closet from hell" (the former tenants painted the ceiling and closet turquoise -- BARF!!!)

On day 3 (Wednesday). the carpet layers arrived -- when they were done, I did the electrical re-work and clean-up.

I'm glad the handyman (below) showed up on Thursday before I left, but since I already did all the work, so we did other things...

Last night, Thursday, I returned to Boston to complete packing and re-confirm the movers for Sunday.

Today, Friday the 19th, I'm boxing the last of everything up... cleaning as I go.

Tomorrow (Saturday), I'm donating my dining room table to some newlyweds, as I don't have room for it in NYC and will complete pack-up.

On Sunday the movers arrive between 10-11am and load up the truck with my stuff. What they don't take will go in my car. I will drive to New York City, the truck will go to New Jersey for the night.

On Monday at 9am, the movers bring the truck into Manhattan and bring everything upstairs. I will unpack what I need Monday and Tuesday, then meet Dr. Cornell out for dinner Tuesday night.

On Wednesday the 24th, I will drive my car to Upstate New York. I will remain Upstate until New Year's Day, when I will donate my car and take the train home to New York City.

Please note: CHAZHOME.COM will go offline Sunday afternoon and will return at it's new location on Sunday night! Many images in my blog, e-mails and elsewhere online will appear "broken" while CHAZHOME.COM is down. -- I was going to use the redundant server to prevent any downtime, but it would have required two trips and it's the holidays. Usage is typically low this time of year.

A flaming 'Fung Wah Bus' Halloween costume.

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