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Kayak / American Airlines reach agreement!

Yea!! Kayak and American Airlines have apparently reached an agreement! I just got this note in my e-mail today: is delighted to once again display schedules and fares directly from American Airlines on both and

Users can now compare AA itineraries alongside those from hundreds of leading airlines. remains committed to providing comprehensive and objective results to our millions of users.

Kind Regards,

Kellie Pelletier
VP Communications,

When Pigs Fly

As you may have noticed, my blog's title, which used to be "Chaz: Living in Boston" changed a few weeks ago to it's new, more accurate, name "When pigs fly: The life of Chaz, the travelling leather-biker-bear." -- this has been in preparation for my move away from Boston. If you consider that I've spent less than 20% of my time actually living in Boston in 2008 (mainly due to my utter disgust with the lethargic gay community here), it only makes sense.

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