Chaz Antonelli (mc4bbs) wrote,
Chaz Antonelli

Boston Bears Barnight at The Alley was GREAT! A nice crowd, friendly folks as usual. I was on "best behaviour" as 1) I'm still fighting off the last of this cold, 2) I'm the oncall this week, and 3) I had work to do on my servers at 02:45am from home.

Sunday was a day of rest -- I satyed in all day. It was rainy anyways. I went to bed early, and of course, as fate has it -- was paged just as I fell into a deep sleep. :-)

Monday & Tuesday are bring spent catching up on work....

Upcoming Travel Plans!!

November 28, 29, 30: I will be in town this weekend (I have to work over-night during the weekend.) They are doing some electrical upgrades, and I will need to be onsite to power down and power up a whole bunch of UNIX servers.

December 5, 6, 7: I will be going to New York City December 5th thru the 7th for ECMC's 40th Toys For Tots. If you're going to be there too, drop me an e-mail so we can meet up!

December 12, 13, 14: I'm planning on going to Providence, RI to visit a friend.

December 15, 16, 17, 18: I will be in Atlanta, GA for a diaster recovery test. I will have to work the 16th thru the 17th (24 hours, no sleep) and I will leave at 10am on the 18th -- so not too much time for fun.

Plans for Christmas/New Years (December 24th thru January 1st) are still up in the air at this time. Could be Hemlock/Rochester, New York -- or could be Las Vegas, Nevada to visit John Wass.

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