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Heading to the UK again!

I am currently developing my travel plans for England. I have (and will continue) to revise my schedule as information comes in. The "LK" field with "==" indicates an event is "Locked In" (such as purchasing a ticket or securing accommodations), "::" means that the event is NOT yet locked in.

If you reside in England and want to get my itinerary updates in e-mail, please let me know! Also, if you have any suggestions for me (events, shows, etc.), please let me know! I'm always looking for new things to do, people to meet and places to go!

Of course, I am interested in seeing Stonehenge and taking a Dr. Who/Torchwood tour in Cardiff, and there is tons to do all over -- so, again, I ask of you: Please send your suggestions for England: Salisbury, Cardiff, Notts and London to me in e-mail.

LAST UPDATE: 22-08-2008 15:35 EST

------------- ----------- -- --------------------------------------------------
WED 03-SEP-08 17:40-20:30 == Boston -> Chicago, American Airlines #597
... 04-SEP-08 20:15-10:00 == Chicago -> London Heathrow, American Airlines #046
THU 04-SEP-08 11:56-14:20 == National Rail: Heathrow (HXX) to Salisbury (SAL)
... 04-SEP-08 14:20-14:30 == Mike & Riz will pick me up at train station.
... 04-SEP-08 --:-----:-- :: Salisbury with Mike & Riz
FRI 05-SEP-08 --:-----:-- :: Salisbury with Mike & Riz / Stonehenge
SAT 06-SEP-08 --:-----:-- :: Brighton or Cardiff?
SUN 07-SEP-08 --:-----:-- :: Brighton or Cardiff?
MON 08-SEP-08 --:-----:-- :: Cardiff
TUE 09-SEP-08 --:-----:-- :: Cardiff
... 09-SEP-08 14:45-18:04 == National Rail: Cardiff Central (CDF) to Nottingham (NOT)
... 09-SEP-08 18:20-20:00 == Lord Roberts Pub (24 Broad St, Nottingham, NG1 3AN)
WED 10-SEP-08 --:-----:-- == Notts with Dave Pike
THU 11-SEP-08 --:-----:-- == Notts with Dave Pike
FRI 12-SEP-08 08:26-10:19 == National Rail: Nottingham (NOT) to London St. Pancras (STP)
... 12-SEP-08 11:00-12:00 == Check in to Caswell Hotel (25 Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom SW1V 2DB) *
... 12 SEP-08 --:-----:-- ::
SAT 13 SEP-08 --:-----:-- ::
SUN 14 SEP-08 --:-----:-- ::
... 14-SEP-08 14:00-19:00 == Stark Bollock Naked at the Hoist (Arch 47b, S Lambeth Rd, SW8)
MON 15 SEP-08 --:-----:-- ::
... 15-SEP-08 10:00-11:00 == Check out of Caswell Hotel
... 15-SEP-08 15:00-18:05 == Get to Heathrow and check in for your flight
... 15-SEP-08 18:05-20:20 == London Heathrow -> Boston, American Airlines #155

Remember there are two "Where's Chaz" websites -- the simple overview at http://chazhome.com/where's_chaz and the hour-by-hour, detailed version at http://where.chazhome.com/


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Aug. 23rd, 2008 03:55 pm (UTC)
hey handsome :) a little birdie told me that you're moving down here in my neck of the woods!
Aug. 23rd, 2008 04:24 pm (UTC)
hey handsome :) a little birdie told me that you're moving down here in my neck of the woods!

You bet I am!

In act, just now I was looking at apartments within a one mile radius from both the Shady Grove Metro Station and the Rockville Metro Station.

I found some (very reasonable) apartments, but I do not know the neighbourhoods... Could it be a war zone?

In any case, yes -- I am moving to a friendlier city with better weather, more airports, a real subway/metro system that stays open beyond midnight on the weekends, gay bars that actually (seem) to care about the community (not just their pocketbook) and an active leather and bear club environment! (*phew, what a mouthful!*)

I hope to encourage anyone else who feels like I do in the Boston area to get out!! There's no hope for New England's attitude issues.

You're about 25-30 miles north of where I am looking currently.

Got suggestions? Read my blog entry about moving and let me know what you think.
Aug. 24th, 2008 01:59 pm (UTC)
I saw the map where you'll be working. it's not far from where my office used to be! here's my email fredneckteddy@myactv.net show me what you're finding as far as apartments go and I'll let ya know if it's good or bad. There's plenty of bad areas around there but there's also some god ones. Not to mention that Montgomery county there is probably the most expensive county to live in in the whole state.

i used to live in Frederick (about 25-30 miles north of there) but now I'm in Hagerstown (add another 25 miles north and slightly west).

in addition to those very good clubs you also have SigMa (the gay BDSM group) and they have play parties regularly!

shoot me an email and we'll tawk! HUGS!
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