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Farewell Boston! -- Maybe?

After searching for a roommate/housemate for three months (which has been a completely unsuccessful waste of time, effort and money), I'm admitting defeat. Since I enjoy travelling and am home only 20-25% of the time, it does not make sense to have a deluxe condo that I'm paying for, but not being used.

On my last disaster recovery test, I was invited to apply for a job in Washington, D.C. Since BCRS is in my career path, and variables for a happy move included:

- a warmer (more temperate) area
- an area with competing airports (there are three in the DC area)
- a metro area with a subway and public transit
- a city that had an active, involved gay community including bear and leather club scene

Of course, I read this opportunity as something I shouldn't pass up! I interview on tomorrow.

Now a public service announcement for new and expecting parents:

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