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As the wireless mesh grows, many of you have been clamouring for static IP and proper remote management of your node. CommunityWireless has been working to this end and is pleased to announce the Wireless Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, a new registry for the wireless space!
free, unrestricted, broadband internet?

Registering with Wiana gives you a cryptographic address certificate, which is automatically utilised by our current hardware / software solution. By integrating these signed adresses into thier designs, Mesh administrators can ensure nodes are who they claim to be! What's more, built in to the service is the facility to remotely manage your node, and set up your policies and restrictions, ensuring full node security.

The best part of all, it's free!

Also over at Locustworld, our new MeshAP hardware solution is now on sale (and it's selling even more rapidly than we had anticipated!)

Welcome to Community Wireless :: The Internet Re-born

What is Community Wireless?

CommunityWireless.org is an umbrella organization - representing the needs of the emerging community networks

In short we represent a global dream... and it's out there. Happening. Right now.

Using 'off the shelf' and license-free Wireless LAN technology (802.11) various groups and individuals are embracing bandwidth and content, and sharing it with their community.

But it's not restricted to Internet access, just think of the possibilities;

* Neighbourhood Groups and Local high-speed P2P Networking
* Neighbourhood Watch/Surveillance using X10 and USB devices
* Community game servers
* Connectivity to Rural/remote sites, previously limited by cables.
* High speed Video Conferencing
* High speed Mobile content
* Localised 'Open Access' TV and Radio stations (streaming audio/video)

The list goes on! It may seem like hot air, but it is very real.

It’s the Organic Internet. The Internet re-born. The Internet the way it should be;

* Free from the restrictions of ‘Corporate’ thinking, and Revenue strategies.
* Free from ‘profit over performance’.
* Run by the users, for the users.

And all it takes, is like-minded individuals and groups to open up their Network and spare bandwidth, to anyone and everyone.

Due to some replies from cowfusior on my blog here, I thought I'd post this information about, as well as a link to CommunityWireless.

Community Wireless - The Internet Re-born... this will rock your world and scare the crap out of all media corporations, communications coporations and even some governments!! [Take that RIAA!!!]


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Jul. 11th, 2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
Due to some replies from [info]flummoxedlummox on my blog here

Oh, sure, blame me.

Have a great weekend.
Jul. 11th, 2008 06:42 pm (UTC)


I think it's a GREAT thing and warranted it's own discussion thread.

I can envision a world wide wireless internet where you can use your open-source iPhone clone to surf the web, read mail, make calls, watch live streaming television/movies and more!

Of course, RIAA/MPAA will pay congress to outlaw it, due to "national security" measures... but once the genie's out of the box...

Have a GREAT weekend, and please, do consider inviting me to Baltimore sometime -- or come along on one of my trips! I think you'll love Germany! (Gawd knows, they'll love you there!!)
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