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Vonage Phone Offer!

Forgive the commercial nature of this message, but this is a truly great offer, and as I was one of the early adapters, switching to Vonage for my primary home phone in 2003, I'm more qualified than most others to have a non-partisan view of them.

Once in a while, Vonage makes some sweet offers that help both the referrer as well as the new customer in a grand way. Their current offering is two months of free service (about a $50 credit) for both the new customer (you) as well as the referrer (me)! Plus... if you order Vonage service before the 15th of July, Vonage will waive the $29.99 activation fee!

I know it's a little scary to contemplate abandoning your "land line" in favour of a digital phone, but I've held hands with quite a few people as they cut the "Ma Bell" cord, and they're all still very happy they did it!

So, what's involved with switching to Vonage? Why is it better than your cable company's digital phone service? What things should I be aware of?*** I've helped many make the switch to Vonage. If you're interested in making the switch, I offer my free help to you as well! (I hate the phone company!!)

You simply need:

  • An "always on", wired high speed internet connection (such as Comcast, Bright House High Speed or Road Runner)
  • Telephone handset(s) -- Hint: You can even use your existing wiring* without making any major changes!

    Once complete Vonage's application form, they'll put the ball in motion.

    In almost all cases you can keep your phone number when switching! Vonage will contact your current land line provider and let them know that you want to switch providers.

    Vonage will mail you your internet/telephone interface (several are available, including a wireless hub!) You get to choose the one you want (most are free) when you sign up!

    Plug your high speed internet source (i.e. cable modem) into the router, plug your existing computer into one of the ethernet ports and plug a normal telephone (corded or cordless) into the telephone outlet plug on the router.

    Play the waiting game as your old service is turned off and Vonage service is turned on! It typically takes three days to completely transfer service over.

    Once all your service is cut over, *let's power ALL your phones in your home with Vonage! Here's how: Cut or remove the outside telephone feed (d-mark) from your house circuit (normally in the basement, in a utility closet or outside your home) -- mind you, that if you can not do this, talk with me for further information. Now take an RJ-11 telephone cable/cord (if you don't have one, get one at Home Depot or any other store with phone accessories) plug one end into the telephone port on your Vonage router, and the other end into an existing wall jack. Every phone plugged into the same circuit (normally every phone in your home) will now have Vonage dial tone!

    Gosh, that's it?? Well yes and no. At this point you will have ordinary telephone service - calls come in and you can place calls as well! -- But with Vonage, there's a lot more you do and can choose from!

    Here's one of things that makes Vonage far better then Time Warner or Comcast Digital Voice services -- just look at some of the 25 free calling features on Vonage phone include:

  • Voice Mail & E-Mail Voice Mail
  • Call Forwarding or "Multi-Ring" Call Forwarding
  • Caller-ID with name
  • Anonymous Call Blocking
  • Local area-code-less dialling (within your own area code!!)
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • ... and more!

    But wait, there's more! Ask Comcast or Time Warner if calls to the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and across the United States are free all of the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!

  • Unlimited local and long distance calling in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico **
  • FREE calls to land-line phones in Italy, France, Spain, UK, and Ireland **

    You can completely configure your Vonage service by logging on to Vonage's secure account management webpage -- you can see who's called you, who you've called, check your bill, pay your bill, listen to your voice mail and more!!

    So, are you ready to make the plunge to Vonage? If so, click on the offer below.

    Remember, I've been through this with many other people and each and every one of them wishes they made the switch earlier! Imagine the savings in long distance costs, let alone the outrageous local 'Ma Bell' land-line bill!!

    ** With the $24.99/month "Residential Premium Unlimited Plan" (their standard plan)

    *** By switching to Vonage, your telephone service will depend upon your internet connection. If it goes down (network or power outage), it will not work. I personally have my cable modem, router and cordless telephone plugged into a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), which will keep it all working in a power outage situation. You can purchase a UPS for cheap at office electronics stores, such as Office Max, Best Buy or Staples. (It's a good idea to have one for your personal computer anyways, as they isolate you from brown outs and power spikes!) Also, E-911 service on Vonage is different than that on land lines -- read all the fine print to understand it completely (you will be reminded about this when you sign up).

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