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Day Trip!! YOU are invited!

The Boston Bears
 Invade the Long Island Ravens' Leather BBQ
 this Sunday, 8th June 2008.

I've rented a Ford Escape ZipCar at Quincy Centre MBTA Station.  The Escape can hold up to five people.  Rental, including gasoline is roughly $144.06. The ferry from New London to Orient Point is $101.66 +$15.47 per person.
Splitting costs, the complete cost per person is:
Myself and one person ............   $138.33
Myself plus two people ...........     97.38
Myself plus three people .........     76.90
Myself plus four people ..........     64.62
If you live anywhere between Boston and New London, you're welcome to join me!
Schedule of events
• Gather and depart from Quincy Centre MBTA Station at 12:15pm on Sunday
• Cross the Long Island Sound on the Cross Sound Ferry at 3:00pm and arrive at the Long Island Eagle at 4:45pm
• Enjoy the free LI Ravens' Leather BBQ and the post-Long Island Pride festivities!
• We'll depart the L.I. Eagle at 6:45pm and re-cross the sound at 8:45pm
• We'll arrive back at the MBTA Quincy Centre MBTA Station at approximately 11:30pm 
If you want to go, reserve your space today!  E-mail me at or call me NOW!
Payments with PayPal are Accepted!
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